produced by Cornish Presents and premiering at the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center on February 8th & 9th, 2018. Both performances will be at 8PM.


"an overwhelmingly beautiful and harrowing experience"

- Dave Segal, The Stranger

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PYLON III is the final work in a trilogy of full-length dance performances choreographed by Coleman Pester. The PYLON series examines complex systems of control and a journey towards utopia, using highly physical choreography, architectural set pieces, and a variety of analog and digital technologies altogether in a tense relationship.


In contemporary society humans live within complex and tangled systems that have been built or manipulated to enable some to have the disproportionate power and capital to manage populations. Whether it be the U.S.’s expansive surveillance apparatus, the global economy, or the increasingly-corporatized milieu of the internet, these systems are incorporeal and, therefore, intangibly organised and managed. One can associate these systems with forms of the built environment as a way of physicalizing them, bringing them closer to the immediate senses. Our collaborative team calls these complex systems “PYLON.”


PYLON III is set in a semi-utopian environment where these oppressive systems have disintegrated, leaving only residues of their original structures. As in previous iterations, the question lingers: “How do these various technological superstructures work on the human body?” However, PYLON III differs from past iterations in its focus on “hope,” and how aspirations of equity and holistic healing can guide the way in constructing a better world built on the rubble of the previous one. At a juncture when our society is plagued by increasingly severe social, economic, and environmental crises, PYLON III is an exercise in healing as well as an unabashed call for an affirmative vision of the future when we desperately need one.


Direction + Choreography >> Coleman Pester

Dancers >> Erica Badgeley, Cameo Lethem, Alicia Pugh, Alexander Quetell

Text + Performance >> Stefan Richmond

Sound Composer >> Monika Khot (Nordra)

Visual Media Design >> Alex Boeschenstein

Tech Design >> Ben Chaykin

Lighting Design >> Amiya Brown

Wardrobe Design >> Connor Carrara




PYLON III is made possible through partial funding support by Case van Rij, Timothy Tomlinson, and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, residency support through Seattle International Dance Festival’s James Ray Residency Program, sound mastering support by Pierced Ears Recording, and generous contributions by Photon Factory design studio.