//TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY exists as an interdisciplinary and collaborative art platform with a focal point of movement. The purpose of our work is to create a portal for artists and audiences to be disrupted, speak, listen, empathize, reflect, and transform.





//TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY will be known as a hub for authentic sharing between artists of many mediums, based locally and internationally, working to construct transformative immersive art and tech-based experiences.



Colemxn Pester is a Seattle-based choreographer and interdisciplinary artist. They earned a BFA from the LINES Ballet/Dominican University dance program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Further immersing themselves in rigorous choreographic research, Colemxn acted as the assistant to internationally renowned choreographer Anouk van Dijk, Artistic Director of Chunky Move in Melbourne, Australia. In 2012, Colemxn founded //TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY, a multimedia art platform that has premiered dance works in Seattle, Melbourne, and New York City. Colemxn has premiered two dance film shorts and finds architecture, observation, space, and identity as the most influential elements of their art making. Colemxn has been commissioned and presented by Seattle Art Museum, Velocity Dance Center, On the Boards, Cornish College of the Arts, 9e2 Art + Technology, CORRIDOR, Seattle International Dance Festival, and NEPO Arthouse. They have received awards, grants, and residencies from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Artist Trust, The James Ray Residency Program, Jack Straw Cultural Center, 10 degrees, MadArt, The University of Washington (bst Residency), and Cornish College of the Arts (Arts Incubator Residency). Colemxn also has been a guest teacher at the University of Washington and Cornish and was recently named on Seattle’s City Arts magazine’s 2018 Future List as an “artist and trailblazer to illuminate the year to come.” Read Artist Statement.





Sound// >> Monika Khot

Monika Khot is an experimental music composer and engineer.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in guitar and various electronic sequencers/sound makers.  Her approach to scoring film is to use her hand-built various electronic musical instruments and light effect-triggers in order to guide and dictate her composition process.  She pairs this aleatoric approach with intense, attention-to-detail composition in order to create her sound environments, which carry themes of industrial, ambient, trance, and doom.  Feelings of terror, emotional torment, and empathy pervade her works. www.zenmother.com


Visual// >> Alex Boeschenstein

Alex Boeschenstein is an interdisciplinary artist rooted in the traditions of drawing and printmaking, though his art practice has evolved to include video, digital collage, sculpture, 3D modeling, and installation. His process is characterized by an increasingly interwoven relationship between the tactile and forms of digital media. Alex gravitates towards information visualizations and technical visual languages, including exploded-view schematics, maps, floor plans, and 3D models. He utilizes these terminologies to navigate fields of intuitive abstraction as well as to subjoin personal narratives with philosophical and political frameworks. Occasionally, he makes retinal work that is intended to simply be beautiful, like dessert after the meal of his primary artistic goals. Behind it all is a love for geo-politics, sci-fi and horror fiction, overweight pugs, and most things visually intricate. www.alex-boeschenstein.com


Production Management//Dancer >> Marlys Yvonne

Marlys Yvonne is an artist performing, creating, producing, and supporting artwork of all disciplines. She has ongoing collaborations as a performer with Babette DeLafayette, John Marc Powell, The House of ia, and Liz Houlton. She is the co-founder of the local concert series VESPERS and teaches Pilates at her home studio STUDIO YVY. www.marlysyvonne.com

Rehearsal Director//Dancer >> Erica Badgeley


Alex Quetell, Robert Moore, Gabriella Czarniak, Laura Carella


Wardrobe Design//
Connor Carrara


Architect//Set Design >> Cameron Irwin
Cameron Irwin is a staff designer at ZGF Architects and Resident Set Designer at the Washington Ensemble Theatre. He received a degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Washington.


Lighting Design//
Amiya Brown, Sara Torres


Craig Downing, Matthew Witschonke, Cullie Poseria


Past Collaborators//

Ari Chivukula - Technical Design

Ben Chaykin - Technical Design

Cheryl Delostrinos - Dancer

David Rue - Dancer

Lorraine Lau - Dancer

Randy Ford - Dancer

Rachael Mauney - Intern / Production Assistant

Patrick Kilbane - Dancer

Lucie Baker - Dancer

Ethan Folk - Director

Bret Gardin - Sound Composer

Evan Anderson - Lighting Design

Markeith Wiley - Dancer

Fausto Rivera - Dancer

Owen David - Dancer

Shannon Stewart - Dancer

Cameo Lethem - Dancer / Choreographer

Jody Kuehner - Dancer / Choreographer

Alicia Pugh - Dancer

Victoria Jacobs - Dancer

Campbell Thibo - Performer

Jay Carlon - Dancer

Nico Tower - Sound Composer

Erin McCarthy - Dancer