FRAGMENT SAPIEN absurd microscope applied to the reality that our identities are fluid and shaped by context. 

Fragment Sapien

30 mins //Premiered August 26th, 2016 at Velocity Dance Center (SEATTLE)

Concept/ Choreography/ Direction >> Colemxn Pester

Dancer >> Lucie Baker

Cameo >> Rachael Mauney and Campbell Thibo

Sound Composition >> Jack Carroll

Lighting Design >> Sara Torres

Documentation Filming >> Joe Lambert

Commissioned by //TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY and premiered at _IOTA. This work was funded through donations by Case van Rij, Joe Straus, Glenn Kawasaki, and 72 additional Hatchfund donors.

The ideas for the structure of this work were initially engaged during a bst Residency at the University of Washington and then the work was fleshed out through a Creative Residency at Velocity Dance Center.


Fragment Sapien is a 30-minute solo that pieces together many abstract threads, from complex choreography to menial tasks. Severely different ideas are arranged into digestible “chunks” or “sketches”, together challenging themes of self and identity. These 13 sketches are glued back-to-back, ranging from twenty seconds to seven minutes. A ball bounces sixty times >> an interview about a “movie role” >> virtuosic movement driving into and out of the floor >> a Gertrude Stein poem >> rigorous body positions…all one after another in a tiring marathon. How many different ways can we look at what makes up a human? Shape, form, movement, text, science, and character are used as ways into building a web of a narrative.

Fragment Sapien utilizes a simple set design, including a 12ft x 12ft red astroturf floor piece installed in the upstage corner, two black folding chairs, and a small orange ball. A completely original sound score was commissioned from local Seattle sound composer Jack Carroll.