...a living installation that blends the lines between observer and observed. 


2 hour performance installation //Premiered February 20th, 2016 at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavilion (SEATTLE)


Concept + Direction >> Colemxn Pester and Ethan Folk

Performers >> Lucie Baker, Jody Kuehner, Coleman Pester, and Marlys Yvonne

Stewards >> Stephen Anunson, Brace Evans, Ethan Folk, Jessica Jones, Juju Kusanagi, Erin McCarthy, Sabina Smith-Moreland, and Calie Swedberg

Live Sound Score >> Maiah Manser and James Squires

Installation Design >> Cameron Irwin

A/V Design >> Matthew Witschonke


//Commissioned by Seattle Art Museum as part of the Winter Weekends series. Creation of this work was made possible in part by funding from Artist Trust and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

PYLON is concerned with the complex and muddled relationship between oppressive structures and oppressed bodies; between communal pressure and self-fulfillment, between surveillance and privacy, between unyielding architecture and fragile flesh. This is an investigation of watching and individuation - about how we variously craft and perform our identities in different contexts depending on the various types of surveillance/observation we perceive. PYLON features highly physical choreography, architectural installation, and a complex quagmire of digital image gathering/projection.

Audience members were invited to become part of shifting and expanding surveillance dynamics and architectural compositions. Led by a group of stewards, groups participated in various watching and movement tasks that injected chaotic stimuli into the performative environment.