...explores themes of systematic fear and control placed on human bodies operating within a quagmire of technological systems essential to modern society (i.e. surveillance, the internet, architectural design).

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60 mins //Premiered October 21st, 2016 at King Street Station (SEATTLE)

Direction + Choreography >> Colemxn Pester


Performed by >> David Rue, Jenna Eady, Cheryl Delostrinos, Lorraine Lau, and Randy Ford


Company Apprentice >> Rachael Mauney

Production Management >> Marlys Yvonne

Sound Design >> Monika Khot

Live Video Installation >> Alex Boeschenstein

Technical Design >> Ari Chivukula

Lighting Design >> Kenrick Fischer

^^^^ KCTS9 visits rehearsal ^^^^

Set Technician >> Timothy Firth

Wardrobe Styling >> Jessa Carter

Documentation Filming >> Joe Lambert


//Commissioned by 9e2 and partial funding support from Case Van Rij. Creation of the sound design for PYLON II was supported through an Artist Support Program Residency at Jack Straw Cultural Center

PYLON II incorporates live surveillance feeds to explore questions of observation and consent. Audiences for PYLON II enter into an immersive environment featuring, a cast of five dancers engaged in highly physical choreographed movement, a live sound score, and a complex surveillance system which is simultaneously recording and projecting visual information coming from cameras throughout the space.