...One human. One stool. Two cameras. 10 minutes. This is a physical interrogation. 

Solitude, with eyes watching

10 mins //Premiered September 26th, 2015 at Velocity Dance Center (SEATTLE)


Concept + Direction >> Colemxn Pester

Soloist >> Colemxn Pester

Cameo Roles >> Patrick Kilbane + Ashleigh Miller

Audiovisual Design >> Matt Witschonke

Sound Design >> Nico Tower


Solitude, with eyes watching was first shown as part of On the Boards’ Open Studio programming in April 2015. A second iteration was premiered during Velocity Dance Center’s Fall Kick Off in September 2015.

Research for this work was supported through a Cornish Arts Incubator Residency and a Velocity Dance Center Creative Residency (2015). The Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation awarded partial funding for this work.