...How does a human relate to a city, a mass of people, to architecture, to space, to emotions, and to self?

The Architecture of Being

20 mins //Premiered January 2015 at Velocity Dance Center's Bridge Project (SEATTLE)

>> Also featured at the 2015 Seattle International Dance Festival and CHOP SHOP: Bodies of Work


Choreography + Direction >> Colemxn Pester


Sound Composition >> Bret Gardín

Rehearsal Assistant >> Kaitlyn Dye

Soloists >> Patrick Kilbane, Marlys Yvonne

Mass >> Becca Blackwell, Nathan Blackwell, Diego Briceno, Rosemary Carroll, Kince de Vera, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Kaitlyn Dye, Andrew Hallenbeck, Britt Karhoff, Erin McCarthy, Drew Santoro, Jerome Santos, Seth Sexton, Alexandra Spencer, Nico Tower

//The Architecture of Being was made possible through Velocity Dance Center’s Bridge Project Creative Residency Program.

The Architecture of Being deals with relationships. This work utilizes a cast of 17 performers. There are 15 people forming a “mass” and 2 soloists (Patrick Kilbane and Marlys Yvonne). The choreography of the mass uses large formations to open, close, and shift the space. These formations build a human architecture that is layered with the soloists’ material navigating through it. The piece serves as a reflection on the idea of being and evokes a dynamic flow of emotional states from the dancers. The choreography takes the audience into a dark world of Patrick’s psyche. After an accumulation of harsh images, what is found beneath it all is a striking moment of forgiveness. The piece is set to an original sound composition by local composer Bret Gardín.