...3 human bodies counterpointing one gigantic industrial structure. 

Three perspectives in one space

20 mins //Premiered June 14th, 2014 at On the Boards (SEATTLE)


Choreography + Direction >> Colemxn Pester

Dancers >> Victoria Jacobs, Colemxn Pester, Shannon Stewart

Sound Scoring and Accompaniment >> Nico Tower

Set Design >> Cameron Irwin

Lighting Design >> Evan Anderson

Fabrication >> Glen Stellmacher


Three perspectives in one space projects the audience into a world of examining the body as architecture, beginning with the solitary presence of an angular gigantic structure, designed by Seattle-based architect Cameron Irwin. The abstract exoskeleton towers above the three performers, who serve as moving counterpoints to the stationary structure. Composer Nico Tower fully immerses the audience into the performance through her live ambient soundscape. Director Colemxn Pester’s development of this work with dancers Shannon Stewart and Victoria Jacobs experiments with the shedding of human characteristics and shifting the body into sculptural states. The dehumanized state is then shattered with the reemergence of the performers’ humanity. This arc poses a psychological conflict to the audience, by presenting a clash of the body as architectural or human. The piece resolves, compelling the audience to wonder how physical structures influence their personal psychology. 


This work was commissioned by On the Boards and premiered at their NW New Works festival.

**Three perspectives in one space was later made into a short film that premiered at Northwest Film Forum’s Next Dance Cinema Festival (2015)